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Desert Rose Skincare

KrX home care mask bundle

KrX home care mask bundle

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Save with our KrX Home Care Mask Bundle. This bundle includes one of each of KrX's Home Care mask packs. These sheet masks can be retailed or used in the treatment room. Each pack contains 20 sheet masks which have been soaking in a concentrated essence.


Cica, short for Centella Asiatica, is a perennial plant native to the wetlands of Asia, and has been used in traditional Korean medicine for centuries.

Cica is known for it's healing and anti-inflammatory properties, making these perfect for post laser or chemical peels.

Tranexamic Acid + Arbutin

Tranexamic Acid is quickly becoming the gold standard in treating Melasma. Both Tranexamic Acid + Arbutin suppress melanocyte activity, reducing hyperpigmentation.


KrX's Glycolic Home Care Masks are best for total skin rejuvenation, including brightening.


A blend of retinol and age fighting botanicals, make this the perfect anti-aging treatment.

Salicylic Acid

KrX's Salicylic Acid masks are perfect for homecare or the treatment room.

Salicylic Acid helps treat acne, while Licorice Root Extract helps improve acne scarring.

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