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Desert Rose Skincare

NATURE + NURTURE Pure Guava Seed Oil

NATURE + NURTURE Pure Guava Seed Oil

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A tropical getaway for your skin

Allow this face oil to be your path to skin minimalism. In the game of skincare, sometimes less is more. This simple formula is Nature + Nurture in a bottle and the ultimate skin glow-up that heals scars and dark spots while soothing inflammation, and regenerating elasticity on your face and neck. Crafted with just two ingredients, antioxidant rich guava seed oil with a touch of barrier supporting squalane, the lightweight texture and fast absorption of this non-comedogenic tropical face oil deeply penetrates the outermost layer of the epidermis, leaving a non-greasy sheen and vibrancy to the skin while immersing the senses in the sweet and tangy essence of guava fruit. Consider Nature + Nurture to be a tropical getaway for tired, lackluster skin. 

Nature + Nurture is free from essential oils, relying solely on the natural aroma of fresh guava fruit. It's ideal for sensitive skin and pairs perfectly with the active formulas, like our Bright Side Vitamin C Serum or Moment of Clarity AHA Toner, in your daily routine. 

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